What will I learn?

The 120 Hour Foundation TEFL Certificate curriculum covers the fundamental concepts of teaching English as a Foreign Language (an asterisk indicates that the module is included in the 40-hour Basic Certificate).


Behavior management*

Characteristics of adult learners

Communicative teaching*

Conveying grammatical meaning*

Conveying lexical meaning*

Conveying meaning online

Encouraging self-directed learning

Errors & Feedback*

Giving instructions

Grading language

Lesson planning for teaching adults

Lesson planning for teaching online

Lesson planning for teaching young learners*

Making sessions interesting

Managing the group

Motivating adult learners

Motivating young learners*

Online learner’s perspective

Productive skills

Receptive skills

Responding in Action

Responding to learner needs

Teaching phonics*

Teaching pronunciation*

Teaching young learners*

Utilizing materials*

Download the full syllabus here.