How will I be assessed?

Assessment falls into two categories:

1. multiple choice tests every fourth unit

2. lesson planning summative assessment at the end of the course


Let’s look at the multiple choice assessment first.

After viewing all the content in four units you’ll unlock a quiz for the module.  Here’s the math behind the questions…

· Every unit has three learning objectives

· Each learning objective has three questions

· Each test contains the questions for four units

Since this is a course on how to teach English and not Math, we’ve done the sums for you…

4 x 3 x 3 = 36 multiple choice questions at the end of every fourth unit. You need to score more than 70% in order to pass.

If you don’t get 70% the first time round, you can take the test again.


The final lesson planning assessment consists of planning three classes, each for a different group of learners (adults, online learners and young learners). In this plan you’llinclude examples  of how you’d apply what you’ve learned in the course.

For example, during the course you learn how to choose warmers and wrap ups to engage students. To do this in your lesson plan, you need to tell us what warmer or wrap up you will use and why you think it would engage students. One of the Foundation TEFL trainers will then give mark your lesson plan.

“Pass” grade lesson plans include examples of more than 50% of the learning objectives.

If your plan includes examples of fewer than 50% of the learning objectives, you’ll need to rewrite and resubmit your lesson plan.

You can see the marking sheet (or rubric) that our trainers use to mark your lesson plan so you should know exactly what to include (as well as what not to).